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Super affluent Liquid Events

Relationship Velocity

Relationship Velocity's "S.A.L.E." (Super Affluent Liquid Events) contains a semi-monthly updated list of individuals who privately sold businesses for greater than $10 million each.

  • 400-500 transactions totaling $20 billion per month
  • Pre-existing database containing 75,000 contacts and $750 billion in transactions
  • 8 sources of data providing 28 discrete points of contact information per individual, all with 100% guaranteed accuracy
  • Organized and managed in a pre-existing CRM infrastructure to allow for mass marketing and communications tracking

The solution is initially focused on Private M&A transactions, however; future contact datasets will also include Geographic Wealth Centers (Real Estate Sales > $5M), Insider Sell-Side Equity (>$5M), and lowering the Privately Sold Businesses down to > $1M therefore increasing the number of contacts per month to >3,900.