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lead management

Relationship Velocity

lead management

Relationship Velocity

If a “Lead” is the life blood of any organic growth-oriented company, in that analogy, Relationship Velocity is the blood bank. We are NOT a source to purchase lists. We are NOT going to give you Leads. We don’t operate that way. Remember the old saying, “If I fish for you, you’ll eat for the day, if I teach you to fish, you’ll eat for a lifetime.” That is who we are and what Lead Management is all about. We’ll teach you how to generate and improve the quantity and quality of your Leads by teaching you and implementing a Lead Lifecycle Ecosystem across 32 known “Leads Sources” from our Relationship Velocity Lead Source Library. We will educate your staff from definitions, to processes, to technologies, to performance on what works best to Management a Lead Ecosystem. We’ll implement the entire ecosystem using whatever tools you have inhouse and augment with 3rd party technologies only when necessary. The ecosystem will be tailored to your line of business, your infrastructure and most importantly, your people. 

The Lead Management Ecosystem has 7-stages; generation, capture, qualification, routing, conversion, performance measurement and governance. Each stage has 8-10 key functional areas that need to be implemented into your firm’s infrastructure, a total of 64 automated processes that must be actively managed to regularly improve quantity and quality. Just like your health, your Lead Management Ecosystem needs monitoring to ensure its operating properly and delivering the desired results. Our scientific approach defines a LEAD as a “Party Plus an Indication of Interest”. A Party can be a Suspect, a Target, A Pre-Prospect or a Prospect. The differences between those are based on how much you know about the Party and how much they know about you. It also does NOT include the Product, Pricing, Messaging or Incentives. Those are the characteristics of an OFFER. A Lead plus an Offer equals an Opportunity. First, let’s discuss Lead Management. Our Lead Ecosystem will connect to our Offer Ecosystem for the best of both worlds; lead volume and lead quality. Lead Management is the quantity while Offer Management is the quality. Both can operate independently but obviously work best together.

success stories

Created a lead management improvement roadmap. Found and eliminated a previously unknown 68% fallout issue. By the second year, lead source improvements resulted in a 180% increase in leads and $1.4 billion in net AUM - 1 yr. ROI 51%.

Conducted a marketing operations assessment and a new vendor expansion search initiative. Turned static web banners into smart web banners. Resulted in a 464% increase in digital exposures and a 371% increase in digital product sales.

#7 A wealth management technology company needed marketing and business development support. Outsourced 100% of marketing and sales resulting in 200% increase in revenues in the first year, 100% in the second year - ROI 200%.

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