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offer management

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offer management

Relationship Velocity

Our scientific approach defines an OFFER as the Product, Pricing, Messaging and Incentive that is presented to a Lead. It is sometimes referred to in the industry as Next-Best-Offer. The importance of the Offer is performance measurement. Think of an Offer as an Octopus with an unlimited number of legs. Each leg is a channel specific treatment. It’s the Treatment’s product, price, message and incentive that is measured within each campaign to evaluate performance of each component (product, price, message, offer). As a modification is made to a component of the Treatment (a change to messaging perhaps), the effects of the change are measured in channel at the Treatment level. This allows another level of control toward improving channel specific performance. Once a Lead is matched with an Offer, it becomes a trackable Opportunity. 

Omni Channel Coordination is the process of monitoring “Treatment Development”, so deployment is uniform and synchronized across all channels. The performance of the Offer is measured at the Treatment level and rolled up to the Offer. This approach informs management of performance changes relative to changes in messaging or other components of the Treatment. Ultimately, the Treatment’s performance is rolled up to the Offer, generating the overall Omni Channel performance of the Offer. Just like Lead Management, we’ll help you implement an Offer Lifecycle Ecosystem across our 20 known “Offer Types” from our Relationship Velocity Offer Type Library. We will educate your staff from definitions, to processes, to technologies, to performance on what works best to Management an Offer Ecosystem. We’ll implement the entire ecosystem using whatever tools you have inhouse and augment with 3rd party technologies only when necessary. The ecosystem will be tailored to your line of business, your infrastructure and most importantly, your people.

success stories

A new product line was needed to retain current clients and attract new ones. Our assessment uncovered 13 new opportunities, where management prioritized and piloted its first selection. The first new product line increased its revenue by 39% after the fourth year.

Conducted a marketing operations assessment and a new vendor expansion search initiative. Turned static web banners into smart web banners. Resulted in a 464% increase in digital exposures and a 371% increase in digital product sales.

#7 A wealth management technology company needed marketing and business development support. Outsourced 100% of marketing and sales resulting in 200% increase in revenues in the first year, 100% in the second year - ROI 200%.

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